#BeRobin The Movie

Mia Simmans is part of the #BeRobin movement and band. Please help fund the #BeRobin Movie at Indie GoGo.

#BeRobinTheMovie is a documentary about Margaret Cho’s homeless outreach campaign inspired by the philanthropy of Robin Williams.

“Robin William’s death hit San Francisco especially hard–I remember thinking that San Francisco had changed forever. For me, it was like a part of the City, and a huge part of San Francisco comedy, died with him. I remember thinking that San Francisco would never be the same.

So when Margaret Cho came to town and started her #BeRobin homeless outreach campaign, I knew I had to document it as part of our healing process.

Margaret Cho took to the streets with the mantra “Don’t grieve Robin, BE Robin” and began busking on a street corner with a guitar case. #BeRobin rapidly turned into hundreds of musicians, comedians, and activists offering food, clothes, money, and awareness in an amazing humanitarian street theater experience.

This film captured the exuberance and spirit of these events; it is not only entertaining, but deeply moving — above all else, it is inspiring.

So please give, and make an impact by keeping the spirit alive — spread the word and become part of the homeless awareness movement. #BeRobin.” – Kurt Weitzman #BeRobin Movie Director/Producer

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