mia-warfieldLifelong musician Mia d’Bruzzi has been entertaining audiences for decades. She performs, records and tours with several different bands, as well as solo projects, in a variety of styles and genres.

Mia is a co-founding member of Frightwig, along with Deanna Mitchell. She co-wrote and played on the first album, “Cat Farm Faboo” and toured nationally to support it. In 1986 she took some time away from the band to have a baby and then returned to SF in 1989, when she joined all-female band The Mudwimin. Two Mudwimin albums “Skiz” (Big Dog Records-1992) and “Mysteries of Inner Beauty” (Broken Rekids-1995) and extensive national and international tours ensued. Mia has gone on to play and tour with Fabulous Disaster (Pink&Black Records), as well as the Maniac Martyrs, ADSR, Ophydia and in the UK, The Juicy Bits. Another baby came along in mid noughties, and, having been a mother for such a long time, Mia began billing herself as Mama Mia d’Bruzzi and busking with her acoustic guitar. She has recently released a debut solo LP “The Imperative” (Ptchoo Productions 2012) under the moniker Mama Mia d’Bruzzi. The album showcases the spectrum of situations Mia finds herself in and the hi-jinx that inevitably ensues. In addition to playing with Frightwig, Mia continues to express the fury on guitar and vocals in alternative rock band Gone to Ground, who have released their eponymous debut EP in 2012 on Ptchoo Productions. 2012 saw the return of the original line-up of Frightwig, and Mia has been recording and touring with them ever since. 2014 is the year the wild world of jazz opened it’s arms to Mia, and she is currently fronting a jazz combo (Mama Mia & the Spicy Meatballs) singing standards at restaurants and clubs in the Bay Area. Mia makes a living playing music at Bay Area Farmers’ Markets, as well as on the mean streets of San Francisco. She enjoys trading music for food, and feels that the barter system is what will eventually become of our country’s current financial fiasco.