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Dizzy Twin — Empire
Release date : Aug. 01, 2018
Label : Ptchoo Productions


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Dizzy Twin began as a super-secret studio project created in San Francisco by UK transplant Paul Simmans (Gone to Ground) and freak-about-town Mia d’Bruzzi (Frightwig, Mudwimin, Gone to Ground, Mama Mia d’Bruzzi). It is now a full-blown live act featuring Roger Rocha (4 Non Blondes, The Goldenhearts) on guitar, Tim Perdue (Velvetta, Enrique) on bass, Mike McKevitt on lap steel guitar, and Michael Tornatore on drums, along with Paul on piano and guitar and Mia on vocals. Dizzy Twin explores a netherworld of weird, witchy vibes. Their sophomore album, Empire (2018), delves into alternative realities, both past and future, and was mastered at Abbey Road Studios. Musically beautiful and lyrically powerful, Dizzy Twin is in a genre all it’s own- an adventurous and dynamic feminist statement reaching into conscious and subconscious desires and proclivities.
“Gorgeous tracks!”- Unwoman (Erica Mulkey)

Mia d’Bruzzi