Girls on Girls (film)
Patrick o’Neil — Girls on Girls


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“Girls On Girls”
A Patrick O’Neil Film © 2010
Running Time: 32 minutes.
Directed, filmed, edited, scored, and interviews conducted by Patrick O’Neil.
Post production: Patrick McCormick.
Premiered April 17, 2010 for Skate this Art, presented by Gallery 28, San Francisco CA.

“Girls on Girls” documents four generations of San Francisco women musicians, beginning with the mid 70′s punk rock movement that changed the music scene forever. A photo montage of legendary photographer James Stark’s black and white portraits of women punk musicians accompanied by VKTMS classic anthem “What’s a Girl to Do?” serves as a short history lesson and brings the film into the late 70′s. Introducing the next generation are The Contractions’ (1979-84) “Magazine Phobia” video and an interview with bass player Kathy Peck. Then Frightwig (1982-2003), with “Wanque Off Song,” set to a collage of band photos shot by the notorious SF punk scene photographer Bobby Castro and followed with an interview of guitarist Mia Simmans. Next, Dirtbox (1995 – 2001), with a montage of “fan” snapshots for their song “Spooning With a Strung Out Lover,” and an interview with lead singer Antonia Crane. The fourth band, Grass Widow (2007 to the present), embodies the present-day evolution of the punk genre. A live performance clip by videographer (((unartig))) of their song “Out of Body Experience” is followed by an interview with band members Hannah Lew, Lillian Maring, and Raven Mahon.

Published in Lunch Ticket Winter/Spring Issue (2014)

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