Mutants @ Bottom of the Hill

Mia will be joining Connie Champagne to sing with San Francisco icons The Mutants on Saturday April 30, 2016 Show starts at 9pm $12

Bottom of the Hill 
1233 17th Street (17th @ Missouri) 

San Francisco, CA 94107

415-626-4455  Tickets:

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cropped-tn11What is happening in San Francisco right now might be a snapshot of what is happening in America. The tech money that has come in here, and the way that San Francisco is handling it, is screwing a lot of poor people really hard and in a really bad way. It is ruining people’s lives. We are losing a really important part of San Francisco culture. I feel outnumbered as someone who came up here when I was 16, and as a working class person. I can’t afford to shop at these shops, or eat at these restaurants. If I didn’t have rent control, God forbid I should lose it, I couldn’t afford to stay here. None of my life would be possible… All I can do is write a song about it.

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