Mama Mia d’Bruzzi presents a fun-filled program of guitar-centric exploration, education and play.  Participants get hands-on experience learning about and playing with a wide variety of sounds and guitar effects, all while learning about sound waves, rhythm and the emotional impact music can produce.  Utilizing several different guitar “effects processors”, students are able to experience and play with the limitless combinations of sounds these effects offer, thus producing interesting, and often hilarious, versions of their favorite songs. The sonic exploration workshop also includes adventures in rhythm through investigating the fun of percussion toys, tambourines, shaker eggs and maracas. Students are introduced to the concepts of rhythm, beats-per-minute, tempo and dynamics through games and song.

This program is suitable for all ages.  The repertoire is selected according the ages and interests of the group, and special requests are always welcomed.

Some of our “toys” (guitar effects processors):

Crybaby Wah-Wah
Delay Sampler
Filter Matrix
The Almighty Talk Box

Also- percussion toys, tambourines, shaker eggs and maracas.

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Guitar lessons available for students of all ages

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