Starling Cinema: ​ “Buried In The Mix”

“Buried In The Mix” explores the early San Francisco punk music scene: its bands, its characters, their lives, loves, and losses. This feature length documentary retraces life’s tumultuous path with some of the individuals who built a vibrant punk culture, characterized by the unbridled creativity for which San Francisco is known.

This compelling film comprises historic video and iconic imagery alongside contemporary interview and performance footage by such punk pioneers as Jello Biafra (Dead Kennedys, Guantanamo School of Medicine), Penelope Houston and Greg Ingraham (Avengers), Ted Falconi (Flipper), Mia Simmans (Frightwig), Fritz Fox (Mutants), Bob Clic (The Lewd), author Patrick O’Neil (Gun, Needle, Spoon), photographers Ruby Ray and Bobby Castro, and many other artists.

“Buried In The Mix” combines these elements to create a collage of stories that reveal the San Francisco punk movement in its raw, raging glory, highlighting the inspired rebellion of early punk, rebellion that is needed today more than ever.

Currently in the final stages of production, “Buried In The Mix” will screen at select venues in late 2015 with a broader release targeted for 2016. “Buried in the Mix” is produced by Starling Cinema.

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#BeRobin The Movie

Mia Simmans is part of the #BeRobin movement and band. Please help fund the #BeRobin Movie at Indie GoGo.

#BeRobinTheMovie is a documentary about Margaret Cho’s homeless outreach campaign inspired by the philanthropy of Robin Williams.

“Robin William’s death hit San Francisco especially hard–I remember thinking that San Francisco had changed forever. For me, it was like a part of the City, and a huge part of San Francisco comedy, died with him. I remember thinking that San Francisco would never be the same.

So when Margaret Cho came to town and started her #BeRobin homeless outreach campaign, I knew I had to document it as part of our healing process.

Margaret Cho took to the streets with the mantra “Don’t grieve Robin, BE Robin” and began busking on a street corner with a guitar case. #BeRobin rapidly turned into hundreds of musicians, comedians, and activists offering food, clothes, money, and awareness in an amazing humanitarian street theater experience.

This film captured the exuberance and spirit of these events; it is not only entertaining, but deeply moving — above all else, it is inspiring.

So please give, and make an impact by keeping the spirit alive — spread the word and become part of the homeless awareness movement. #BeRobin.” – Kurt Weitzman #BeRobin Movie Director/Producer

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Reviews of L7 show at the Regency Ballroom 8/28/15:

“Opening the show was the quintessential San Francisco punk rock band Frightwig, who once again proved to be the perfect choice to open the show, just as when they played with Faith No More a few months earlier. Led by the thundering bass tone of Deanna Mitchell, the glorious noisy guitar of Mia Simmans, and the pounding drumming of Cecilia Kuhn, the band put on a set of songs that surely had more than a few old schoolers in the crowd flash back to see the band tear up the On Broadway, Mabuhay Gardens or the Tool and Dieback in the day.

National Rock Review photographer Raymond Ahner was on hand to report.” – National Rock Review

“Last night TEENAGE NEWS caught Frightwig at the Regency Ballroom in San Francisco. It was a perfect show that no true “Punk” shoulda missed. Frightwig are original gangsters, the true pioneers behind the Riot Grrrl Movement. Their debut album “Cat Farm Faboo” gives Punk a knockout punch and establishes Girl-Art.

TEENAGE NEWS doesn’t give half a shit what you think, Frightwig is San Francisco’s most ferocious and talented band. It is time to bow down or die.

Frightwig’s set was too short… They should have headlined the gig; the crowd was left salivating and begging for more. The band is tight and better than ever. Don’t miss them because you need your life changed. They give you salvation, and (most likely) will absolve you of your sins.

Last night, Frightwig played most of their hits, and even if you don’t know their songs their hooks force you to sing along.

…Mia absorbs the underground of her being, and shreds her guitar harder than heavy metal and faster than Punk. Holy cow… her guitar makes so many different noises in every song you think she is playing three guitars at once. You can catch her regularly at San Francisco Farmer’s Markets. Don’t miss it! Support “local,” damnit.

Frightwig is intimidating. They use their knowledge from the past to be combative in the future. Frightwig puts you in Space where you are free from Control. Don’t forget: they are San Francisco’s most ferocious and talented band.” – Teenage News

“…How appropriate then that these metallic-punk heroines got support from San Francisco’s own Frightwig. Coming up with the rest of the city’s punks in the early ’80s, the (mostly) female band morph from punka-boogie to psychedelic garage pop to arty spoken-word. The members swapped instruments just as easily, as when drummer Cecilia Lynch-Kuhn got up from her drum set to sing “I’ll Talk To You And Smile,” ostensibly about a child molester whose victim later becomes a prostitute. Gesticulating wildly as she groan-sang “I know what you did ….” the bizarrest moment was the outro where Lynch-Kuhn signed the lyrics as if to a hearing-impaired audience. Whatever the symbolism, some could relate. Later on, according to L7’s Finch – a one-time SF resident with former roommate Courtney Love – “[Frightwig] got me through some really hard times.” – SF Weekly

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 The F Word: A Punk Feminist Party with Alice Bag, Frightwig, and Evelyn McDonnell  

The psych-thrash band Frightwig said it years ago: Wild Women Never Die. Two pioneering feminist punk acts – L.A.’s Alice Bag and the Bay Area’s Frightwig — will play together for the first time ever at Oakland’s Studio Grand on Wednesday, May 13th. They will be joined by writer Evelyn McDonnell, biographer of another legendary all-girl Californian band, the Runaways, for a night of literature and music celebrating “The F Word.”

DOORS: 7:30 PM

Tickets: $5-$15 Gen

No one turned away for lack of funds


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Legendary San Francisco punk band Frightwig are the latest Faith No More support act. At The Warfield 20th April.

Frightwig are a favourite of Roddy Bottum and Imperial Teen and once included former Faith. No Man singer Paula Frazer.

“I saw the first Frightwig show and was so impressed and inspired, I made it a point to never miss another. In all its incarnations, Frightwig WAS the San Francisco music scene. Their sheer intensity horrified and inspired a whole breed of musicians. Bands like Flipper and The Dead Kennedys were threatened by their talent, and because they weren’t so into playing with boys or keyboards at the time I had no choice but to settle for playing with Faith No More.” – Roddy


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Margaret Cho #BeRobin campaign

During November and December 2014 Mia worked with Margaret Cho in her #BeRobin campaign, organizing and playing a series of events on the streets and in the clubs of San Francisco, raising money and awareness on behalf of the homeless population of San Francisco. Food, supplies, clothing, haircuts AND money were passed out to the homeless, and a great time was had by all!

It’s an ongoing project and over $23,000 has been raised so far. The money has been distributed both directly to homeless people and to a few great homeless charities in San Francisco such as:

Larkin Street Youth Services:

Lava Mae:

At The Crossroads:

Donations can be made to:


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