Mutants @ Bottom of the Hill

Mia will be joining Connie Champagne to sing with San Francisco icons The Mutants on Saturday April 30, 2016 Show starts at 9pm $12

Bottom of the Hill 
1233 17th Street (17th @ Missouri) 

San Francisco, CA 94107

415-626-4455  Tickets:

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cropped-tn11What is happening in San Francisco right now might be a snapshot of what is happening in America. The tech money that has come in here, and the way that San Francisco is handling it, is screwing a lot of poor people really hard and in a really bad way. It is ruining people’s lives. We are losing a really important part of San Francisco culture. I feel outnumbered as someone who came up here when I was 16, and as a working class person. I can’t afford to shop at these shops, or eat at these restaurants. If I didn’t have rent control, God forbid I should lose it, I couldn’t afford to stay here. None of my life would be possible… All I can do is write a song about it.

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Starling Cinema: ​ “Buried In The Mix”

“Buried In The Mix” explores the early San Francisco punk music scene: its bands, its characters, their lives, loves, and losses. This feature length documentary retraces life’s tumultuous path with some of the individuals who built a vibrant punk culture, characterized by the unbridled creativity for which San Francisco is known.

This compelling film comprises historic video and iconic imagery alongside contemporary interview and performance footage by such punk pioneers as Jello Biafra (Dead Kennedys, Guantanamo School of Medicine), Penelope Houston and Greg Ingraham (Avengers), Ted Falconi (Flipper), Mia Simmans (Frightwig), Fritz Fox (Mutants), Bob Clic (The Lewd), author Patrick O’Neil (Gun, Needle, Spoon), photographers Ruby Ray and Bobby Castro, and many other artists.

“Buried In The Mix” combines these elements to create a collage of stories that reveal the San Francisco punk movement in its raw, raging glory, highlighting the inspired rebellion of early punk, rebellion that is needed today more than ever.

Currently in the final stages of production, “Buried In The Mix” will screen at select venues in late 2015 with a broader release targeted for 2016. “Buried in the Mix” is produced by Starling Cinema.

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#BeRobin The Movie

Mia Simmans is part of the #BeRobin movement and band. Please help fund the #BeRobin Movie at Indie GoGo.

#BeRobinTheMovie is a documentary about Margaret Cho’s homeless outreach campaign inspired by the philanthropy of Robin Williams.

“Robin William’s death hit San Francisco especially hard–I remember thinking that San Francisco had changed forever. For me, it was like a part of the City, and a huge part of San Francisco comedy, died with him. I remember thinking that San Francisco would never be the same.

So when Margaret Cho came to town and started her #BeRobin homeless outreach campaign, I knew I had to document it as part of our healing process.

Margaret Cho took to the streets with the mantra “Don’t grieve Robin, BE Robin” and began busking on a street corner with a guitar case. #BeRobin rapidly turned into hundreds of musicians, comedians, and activists offering food, clothes, money, and awareness in an amazing humanitarian street theater experience.

This film captured the exuberance and spirit of these events; it is not only entertaining, but deeply moving — above all else, it is inspiring.

So please give, and make an impact by keeping the spirit alive — spread the word and become part of the homeless awareness movement. #BeRobin.” – Kurt Weitzman #BeRobin Movie Director/Producer

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